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My mission is to empower and inspire women at every stage of life to cultivate strength, resilience, and vitality. I am dedicated to delivering the latest insights and expert advice on diverse topics such as menopause, nutrition, fitness, mental health, longevity, brain health, sex, heart health, stress, skincare and beyond. Through meaningful conversations and informative discussions, I strive, with the help of experts, to equip listeners with the knowledge and tools needed to build a life that is not just longer but healthier. Aging is an exciting journey, and my mission is to guide women on this path, fostering a community where we can embrace the aging process with confidence, education and power over our own decisions.


My vision is to be the go-to resource for women seeking a holistic approach to aging differently than any previous generation.  I envision a vibrant and supportive community where women of all ages come together to share experiences, wisdom, and expertise. I aim to create a platform that transcends traditional boundaries, sparking insightful conversations on menopause, nutrition, fitness, mental health, brain health, longevity, sex, stress, skincare, heart health and more. I aspire to be a conduit of knowledge, fostering a movement where women not only embrace the aging process but thrive in it.


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