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Meet your host, Melissa Grelo!

Join award-winning host Melissa Grelo on Aging Powerfully with Melissa Grelo where she interviews experts who provide evidence-based insights in healthy living for women of all ages. From menopause to nutrition, fitness to heart health, to sex, stress, and longevity, Melissa has you covered! 

Melissa is a teacher-turned-journalist and television host who has led flagship shows on Canada's #1 network CTV and CP24 in Toronto. She has reported on Toronto’s biggest breaking news stories and was the first co-host of CP24 Breakfast. She made her national debut co-hosting CTV’s Olympic Morning from Whistler, BC. She is the co-host of The Social, Canada’s #1 daytime talk show, and former contributor on CTV's Your Morning. She is passionate about her work, family, health and fitness. Her octogenarian, immigrant parents are her biggest role models in life, health, and wellness. When not on camera, she enjoys traveling, finding the next great workout and spending time with her large, multi-ethnic family.

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